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Edward says...

I'm excited for this. Can't wait for some great music in the Gorge. Oh, and I'm a local for all you locals that love to hate transplants and blame every thing on them. Why do you all insist on trying to keep things the way they were 30 years ago? Every thing changes everywhere. Get used to it and maybe enjoy some of the amenities.

On An outdoor music venue for Dee?

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Edward says...

Is it just me or is it odd that Full Sail offers a child's game on the inside of there caps. Then, just to cap it all off has a public event that has hundreds of kids at a beer sponsor event. Did we not learn anything from camel bucks of old.... Just look at that photo, not one person of age. It was the same last year, which I attended and then left after noticing this was obviously an event for kids. Could someone explain what the heck Full Sail is thinking? Really, I want to know.

Edward says...

You said it CUSaln. There are hundreds of thousands of jobs just 30 minutes to the west. All with comparable cost of living. You Live in a National Senic area !!!!! Do you really want a giant corporation to move in and milk the Gorge?

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Edward says...

Wow shadowjade,
I hope you have a daughter or son that goes of to college or moves away to a town to raise a family and is meet with such hate as yours. People move and relocate, population is growing, growth happens... This is not your town, you don't own it, nor do I. This is one country weather you like it or not. If you want a state to draw a line in, move to Texas. I'm sure they would love your ignorance. So, brace yourself cause were not going anywhere and all we are going to do is grow. So get with the program or stay in the shadows shadowjade.

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