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Nak says...

Come off it Trent, and get your facts straight. The Mayor, the Port Commission President, and the majority of the public (that showed up to voice their opinion at the port meeting) all feel that the cable park IS what is best for Hood River. You know that... It was pretty obvious that supporters of the Cable park FAR outnumbered the few detractors at all of the meetings. The Cable Park was stopped by a couple of greedy lawyers who abused the legal process to keep the Nichols basin as their own private lake. Now the taxpayers have to foot the bill to clean up the basin. You and the "Friends of the Hood River Waterfront"--a misnomer if ever there was one--are great at stopping projects that would benefit the community. But where are you when it's time to pitch in and help do something? When have you been down at the waterfront using your own elbow grease to help out? Funny, I don't even live in Hood River but I've been involved in a number of beach cleanups there. I've never seen you help out even once. So, get off your high horse, stop being an elitist, and pitch in and help do something to improve Hood River. Or at least get out of the way.

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