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shadowjade says...

Babitz was a mistake made by the non-locals who moved here and took over. Just because you can bully your way into control doesn't make you a positive, and the REAL locals know it.

The rest of you won't ever be locals - and we're waiting for the day you choose a new town to destroy and GO AWAY.

On Citizen group calls on mayor to resign

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shadowjade says...

Make sure you highlight 'insane', 'self-destructive', and 'foolish' to the list of qualifications... because they'd need to be to put up with the city's nonsense!

On City plots course for finding new manager

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shadowjade says...


On FAIR!!!

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shadowjade says...

That's just sort of hysterically amusing karma... congrats on the new job!

shadowjade says...

Like any of the people in charge in Hood River in the last three decades have ever actually had locals' best interest at heart... we'll enjoy watching the city finish digging its deep, deep hole and burying itself!

On Bob Francis out as HR city manager

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shadowjade says...

It also ranks near the top for teen pregnancy rates, too, but they're not bragging about that.

On HRVHS ranks near top of state graduation rates

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shadowjade says...

Momo states the truth, though he/she left out one important detail - the majority of those residents are not true locals, but recent transplants who have taken over our community and twisted into something nearly unrecognizable and uneconomically sustainable by those whose families have lived here for generations.

And what us locals would really like is for those invaders to simply go the heck back wherever they came from.

They'll never have the best interest of THIS community at heart, because they're not truly part of it, not matter how much they pretend to be.

There is US, and there is THEM... and it's like oil and water, though we dance around each other and have this silly little pretense of cooperation, it's more closely akin to leeches, sucking the life out of what is left - and all we really want is the day they finish the bloodletting and leave.

On Neighbors raise concerns over cell tower plan

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shadowjade says...

This is what's called a monopoly... and it is WRONG.

Still happy you let Providence take over?

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