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shadowjade says...

And most of the *real* locals don't park downtown - because there's nothing down there for us except the post office!

On City plans new parking survey

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shadowjade says...

Once again, the few overrule the many - a power play, not out of any real need or logic, just reminding us, once again, that the newcomers are all that really matter anymore in our de-"quainted" little town.

On Cell tower plan nixed

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shadowjade says...

I'm really disappointed in Walden over this. He's generally a pretty good guy, but he certainly wasn't putting his constituents over his political party in this case!

shadowjade says...

Very curious what the roommate looks like... and whether or not he - or she - is a better fit for that picture than this dude is.

On The wig in the trash can

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shadowjade says...

What's with the different numbers for the buildings burned? Everywhere else is saying 3 residences, 5 outbuildings.

On Government Flats fire flares

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shadowjade says...

Babitz was a mistake made by the non-locals who moved here and took over. Just because you can bully your way into control doesn't make you a positive, and the REAL locals know it.

The rest of you won't ever be locals - and we're waiting for the day you choose a new town to destroy and GO AWAY.

On Citizen group calls on mayor to resign

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shadowjade says...

Make sure you highlight 'insane', 'self-destructive', and 'foolish' to the list of qualifications... because they'd need to be to put up with the city's nonsense!

On City plots course for finding new manager

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On FAIR!!!

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shadowjade says...

That's just sort of hysterically amusing karma... congrats on the new job!

shadowjade says...

Like any of the people in charge in Hood River in the last three decades have ever actually had locals' best interest at heart... we'll enjoy watching the city finish digging its deep, deep hole and burying itself!

On Bob Francis out as HR city manager

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